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Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Forest Service Line Officer Guide for Fire Management is available

2013 Forest Service Line Officer Guide Update

The 2013 Forest Service "Line Officer Desk Reference Guide for Fire Management" has been updated and is ready for use.  Morgan Pence and Tami Parkinson have been working with the National Line Officer Team to maintain and update the Reference Guide as policies and guidance change. The guide provides a "one stop approach" for reference documents related to fire management, developed to assist line officers who have fire management responsibilities. The Guide includes sections on pre-season preparedness, incident management and oversight, post-fire responsibilities and fuels management.  There is no new information introduced within the Guide, instead it summarizes and references updated directives, policy and guidance.  It can be found at: 
Feedback can be emailed to:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

WFM RD&A welcomes detailer Todd Rankin

WFM RD&A welcomes detailer Todd Rankin
Todd Rankin, a National Park Service Fuels Specialist/Assistant Fire Management Officer at Olympic National Park will be working with the Wildland Fire Management RD&A this summer in a 60 day virtual detail beginning June 10th.  Todd is a qualified Fire Behavior Analyst, Long Term Analyst, and Strategic Operational Planner.  As a detailer he will function as a member of the RD&A staff, completing the detail virtually from his home duty station and traveling to support fire incidents as needed.  He will assist the RD&A by providing decision and fire behavior analysis support to incidents utilizing the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS).  Todd will also work on a number of current on-going projects with RD&A staff.   Todd's skills will add to our analysis and help capacity during the summer months.  Welcome Todd!