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Friday, February 14, 2014

Overview of 2013 Southwestern Fire Season Publication

The Southwest Fire Science Consortium and Northern Arizona University, Ecological Restoration Institute collaborated on the writing of this overview. Below is an excerpt from the article's introduction.
Read the full publication at:

"Each year numerous fires burn through the Southwest, and even for fire managers and researchers it can be difficult
to keep the details of each fire straight. The public hears a great deal about fires as they burn, but rarely do they see follow up information on burn severity or comparisons between fires. This report is an attempt to fill the need for

a concise, timely publication that summarizes the season’s fire details in the Southwest. The goal of this overview is
to provide a single source for information on the 2013 fire season for quick reference and to move the conversation beyond the simplistic “acres burned.” More specifically, this report describes the vegetation impacted by each fire and the degree to which fires affect resources including soils, vegetation and structures."