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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Collaborative Efforts to Advance Wildfire Risk Assessment Applications - FSim Workshop

On January 20th, a small group of risk assessment modelers from the RMRS, PNW, Enterprise Teams, Fire Modeling Institute, Pyrologix, and the Wildland Fire Management RDA met at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory in Missoula, MT to discuss calibrating FSim, the Large Fire Spread Simulator. The objective was to share methods of wildfire risk assessments spanning landscape to national levels. Outcomes of the workshop included best practices and workflows to better define FSim’s capacity, strengths and weaknesses in assisting with wildfire risk assessments. The model developer, Mark Finney, was present to provide a background of the initial FSim application and early development. The workshop was attended in person and virtually by 20 people and facilitated by Karin Riley of the Human Dimensions Group and Erin Noonan-Wright of the WFMRDA.