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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Webinar - Advanced Fire Behavior Learning Unit

Advanced Fire Behavior Learning Unit

“Sharing Fire Behavior Practices & Lessons Learned: Fire Season 2015”

Webinar Date and Time: 
Monday, November 16, 2015 

  • PST (1100-1300) 
  • MST (1200-1400) 
  • CST (1300 to 1500) 
  • EST (1400 to 1600).

Target Audience: Fire Behavior Specialists including Fire Behavior Analysts, Long-term Analysts, Geo- spatial Analysts and fire behavior Technical Specialists

As the fire behavior community aspires to promote best practices amongst a range of fire behavior experience, this webinar strives to share and record dialogue regarding lessons learned from fire behavior prediction on 2015 wildfire incidents. Every fire season there are parts of the country that receive a lot of fire activity. Fire-fighting resources are assigned and consequently numerous fire behavior specialists begin focusing on these areas to ensure fire-fighter safety and to develop short-, mid-, and long- term fire behavior simulations to support these efforts and management decisions. An incredible amount of knowledge is gained and shared during these short periods of intense focus; yet often these fire behavior practices and lessons learned are recorded, stored, and not shared beyond the incident.

Some considerations worth exploring/sharing or discussing on the webinar include:

  • What were some unique circumstances that influenced your fire behavior forecasts such as unusual fuels or weather events and how did that change your forecasts?
  • What information would you want to share with future Fire Behavior Specialists who are working on an incident in the same location/same unit? 
  • What modeling techniques are you using most often when assisting with strategic planning? 
  • What worked as far as model calibration for the area you were working in? Common fuel model changes? Adjustment of dead and live fuel moistures?
  • Was the default Growing Season Index a good baseline for fire behavior modeling?
        1.) Information sharing and recording amongst the fire behavior specialists’ community. 
        2.) Summary of lessons learned for attendees

Webinar Presenters: 
Two case study presenters will provide a starting point for discussion and dialogue. If you’re interested in presenting or you have ideas that should be discussed, please share them here: 

Webinar Organization: 
We encourage interested participants to attend the webinar locally in group settings to facilitate discussion amongst your own colleagues regarding the fire behavior topics. There will be a room available to participate live at the Association for Fire Ecology (AFE) San Antonio Conference. Folks attending the conference are welcome to attend. 

Please refer to this site for updated information including contacts: