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Monday, September 15, 2014

Final mentee for 2014- Chris Stetson

Chris Stetson, a fire planner/fuels specialist on the Coronado National Forest, was our final mentee for fire season 2014.  He assisted us with many projects including: reviewing NWCG WFDSS modules, assisting a researcher with a project evaluating extreme fire behavior, building an acronym/glossary list for the Rocky Mountain Center webpage, modeling local future Rx burns, and reviewing 2015 Red Book updates.  He also provided Near Term and Short Term fire behavior analysis for the Happy Camp Complex in Northern California; providing them with valuable information to assess potential options.   Chris was excellent to work and we would enjoy working with him again.  Thank you Chris. 

BLM Mentee Kristy Swartz

BLM Mentee Kristy Swartz, a zone fuels program lead for the Prineville District BLM and the Ochoco National Forest completed a 2 week mentee assignment with the WFM RD&A.  Her first week she was busy supporting 2 fires in the Northern Rockies (Rain Complex and Johnson Bar) and one fire in Eastern Great Basin (Woodtick).  She provided Near Term Fire Behavior modeling and FSPro to all three fires.   Kristy also assisted the RDA with numerous projects including: reviewing new WFDSS modules for NWCG courses, testing the WFDSS Training site as it moved to a new server location, building an acronym and glossary list for the Rocky Mountain Center webpage (, and she supported her local unit with misc. WFDSS decision support.  Kristy was an excellent mentee and we enjoyed working with her.  She recently accepted a new position as a fire planner with the BLM at NIFC.  Good luck Kristy in your new position.