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Monday, May 26, 2014

Staff Participate in Conference

The WFM RD&A Staff participated in the Association of Fire Ecology and the International Association of Wildland Fires Large Wildland Fires: Social, Political and Ecological Effects conference, May 19-23rd 2014, in Missoula Montana.  Staff gave oral and poster presentations, organized and moderated special sessions, hosted workshops, and staffed the WFM RD&A booth.  Here are the details: 

  • Lisa Elenz and Marlena Hovorka- presented on Integrating Fuel Treatments  in Land Management Planning and Wildfire Incident ResponseErin Noonan-Wright and Dan Mindar- hosted a workshop on Advanced Fire Behavior Analysis, Through Lessons Learned
  • Erin Noonan-Wright- cohosted a workshop on Defining Fuel Treatments Success: Workflows, Metrics, and Evaluation
  • Tami Parkinson- organized and moderated a special session on The Evolution of Fire Behavior Analysis and Management of Large, Long duration Incidents as Experienced on the Mustang Complex
  • Ben Butler- gave an oral and poster presentation on An investigation of LandScan Suitability for Strategic Decision Making in the Wildland Fire Decision Support System
  • Tim Sexton- presented on the Evolution of Decision Making
  • Mitch Burgard- presented on the Strategic Operational Planner (SOPL)
  • Morgan Pence and Kim Ernstrom- organized and moderated a special session on Wildfire Risk Assessment and Decision Support
  • Lisa Elenz- presented on Strategic Decision Making for Wildfires using a Risk Management Process
  • Erin Noonan-Wright and Tonja Opperman- presented on Applying the Wildland Fire Decision Support System to Support Risk-Informed Wildland Fire Decision Making: the Gold Plan Fire, Bitteroot National Forest, Montana
  • Sam Amato- gave a poster presentation on Fire Perimeter Delineation and Reconstruction from Geo Referenced Photographs Using Google Earth Pro