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Friday, August 8, 2014

NPS Mentee Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams, Fuels Specialist for the Everglades National Park worked as a mentee with the WFM RD&A from July 27th through August 9th.  She is a GSAN, GISS, and LTAN(t) and assisted with project work and fire analysis.  Jennifer provided a review of WFDSS related NWCG coursework materials.  She also completed Short Term Fire Behavior analysis to support contingency planning for a planned Type 1 burn on the Nez Perce N.F.   She provided timely analysis to the Staley Complex (Willamette N.F.) the Avocado Creek Fire (Everglades N.P.), and the East Mountain Fire (Idaho Dept. of Lands).  Analysis included Short Term Fire Behavior, Near Term Fire Behavior, and FSPro.  Jennifer was a great mentee and did an outstanding job.  Thank you for the excellent work Jennifer- we hope to work with you again.

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